爱英语,我是认真的。你呢,朋侪?The Rivals in the Life生活中的对手Jaguar is an endangered animal. It is said that there are less than 20 jaguars in the world currently, one of which is now living in the national zoo of Peru. In order to protect this jaguar, Peruvians singled out a pitch of land in the zoo for it, where there are herds of cattle, sheep and deer for the jaguar to eat. Anyone who has visited the zoo praised it to be the "Heaven of Tiger". However, strange enough, no one has ever seen the jaguar prey on the cattle and sheep. What we could see is its lying in its house eating and sleeping.美洲虎是一种濒临灭绝的动物,听说,现在世界上仅存不足20只,其中有一只现在就生活在秘鲁的国家动物园里。为了掩护这只美洲虎,秘鲁人在动物园里单独为它圈出一块地来,且圈地中有成群的牛、羊、鹿供老虎食用。


Some people thought that the jaguar felt too lonely, so they collected money and rented a female tiger to accompany it. Nonetheless, it did not make too much sense. The jaguar just sometimes went out of its house with its "girlfriend" and stayed in the sun for a while before it came back to its house again.一些人认为肯定是美洲虎太孤苦了,于是就集资从外洋租来一只雌虎陪它生活。然而此举并未带来多大改观,那只老虎只是偶然陪同外来的"女友"走出虎房,到阳光下站一会儿,不久就又回到它的"卧房"。"It is normal for the jaguar to be lazy in this environment. Tiger is the king of forest but you simply put some small animals around him. That is why the jaguar shows no interest in going out. Why don 't you put two wolves or at least a jackal around him?" A visitor proposed."在这种情况下,美洲虎不懒散才怪呢!虎是林中之王,你们在它周围放这么一群小动物,它怎么可能有兴趣走出来?为什么你们不放上两只狼呢,纵然不放狼,至少也得放一只翁狗吧?"一位来此观光的市民建议道。

Others all agreed with him and put five panthers into the jaguar's territory. Since then, the jaguar did not go back to its house any more. It either stands on top of the hill roaring or goes down from the hill strolling without sleeping all day long. It did not eat the meat provided by the zoo staff and has totally got back to its nature.其他人都以为他说得很有原理,就把5只美洲豹放进了虎园。效果就是,自那以后,美洲虎就再没回过虎房。

它不是站在山顶长啸,就是从山上下来,在草地上游荡;它不再整日睡觉,也不再吃动物园的治理员送来的肉,它恢复了虎的天性。Actually, this principle does not only apply to animals, but also apply to human beings. Here is another story. There was a rich man who was selecting a husband for his only child among a multitude of pursuers. The man led all the pursuers to a river and pointed to the crocodiles, saying, "Anyone who can swim across the river safe and sound will marry my daughter." Those pursuers looked at each other and no one dare take the initiative. At that moment, a man plunged into the river bravely and swam at a staggering speed to the other side. AII the people applauded for his courage with great sense of admiration. Nevertheless, the man, after landing on the bank, shouted angrily, "Who pushed me into the river just now?"其实,不只是动物,人也如此。


所有的人对这名勇气十足的男子投以钦佩和羡慕的眼光。没想到,这个男子上岸后,生气地高声问道."适才是谁把我推下河去的?"Maybe the man, after thinking of the whole process and the good consequence he is going to obtain, will feel obliged to the one who pushed him into the river. It is fairly common that disadvantages will turn into advantages and misfortunes into fortunes! But many of us cannot manage to realize the significance of our "rivals" to our success. Generally speaking, many people will see the one who "pushes him into the river" as an opponent. However, if you think in a deeper sense, you will realize that it is also a blessing and opportunity to have someone like that! It is the one who "pushes you into the river" who makes you feel the sense of crisis and stimulates your ambition and desire to strive! You will resolve to eliminate all difficulties and progress to another stage of your life!或许那位男子在转头想想整件事情的经由后,会有很大的收获,也会很谢谢那位推他下河的人。把倒霉变有利,将坏事变好事,这样的例子在现实中屡见不鲜。

但很少有人能认识到造成这个效果的谁人"对手"在此之中所起的重要作用。一般讲来,多数人都市把推他"下河"的人视做敌人,不外你只要往深处想想就会发现,这未尝不是一种福气、一种机缘。有这样一个"推你下河"的人的存在,会促使你发生危机感,从而引发你越发旺盛的精神和斗志!你会下定刻意清除一切艰难险阻,在前行路上跃上一个更高的舞台!In our world , one creature without any rivals is a lifeless creature. If a man lives without rivals, he is bound to be satisfied with the present and will not strive for the better. He would hold back before all difficulties and decline in inaction and laziness. Adverse environment tends to cultivate successful people. Therefore, your rivals are not your opponents or those you grudge. Instead , they are your good friends! In our lives, we need some rivals to "push us into the river", leaving us striving ahead in all difficulties and competitions. In our work, we need some rivals to be picky about us and supervise our work with rigorous requirements and standards. Due to our rivals, we can bring out our potential to the best; Due to our rivals, we will continuous promote our capabilities when competing with them!在这个优胜劣汰的世界,任何一种生物,如果没有了对手,必将变得死气沉沉。如果一小我私家没有了对手,他就会变得安于现状,不思进取。






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